Notice to all competitors

Dear Riders, Supporters and Volunteers of the SWCX League

To date the League has had a fantastic season this year with rider numbers increasing at a rapid rate.  As great as this is it has placed an enormous strain on the band of volunteers who make all the events happen and the behaviour of some riders at the last Round (9) has not helped.  From the various pictures and posts in FB (noting that not everyone uses FB) it was apparent that many riders took short cuts during the main race, strangely enough the younger members of the League seemed to set the shining example for the day and did not take any short cuts!

Anyhow the course was a tough one and not surprisingly much tape was broken, so although not excusable, it is understandable why some riders ended up cutting some corners. However, there were a number of riders who seemed to deliberately cross/step-over course marking tape. 

Although much discussion took place on FB no official complaints were lodged with the Commissaire so after discussions with other Senior Commissaire’s and British Cycling it was decided not to disqualify any riders.  Part of this was due to the large number of offenders and the time required to process the investigation, bearing in mind that we are all volunteers and we simply do not have the time to carry out a full and detailed investigation.  So the plan is to draw a line under this event and in future ensure that all competitors are aware that they have 48 hours to make any complaints to the Commissaire’s or Cttee Members via any medium (e.g. verbal, email - via web contact form., FB Messenger, etc) so that we can deal with any issues fairly and efficiently.

Interestingly one rider has seen the error of his ways and has asked to be disqualified from the Round 9 results, this is good to see so any other rider who wishes to follow suit we would be happy to hear from you and we’ll amend the League standings accordingly.  Well enough from me and I hope we as a League can move forward in a positive manner.  I hope above makes sense and I look forward to seeing you all at the South West Champs on Sunday.


Mark Deakin

SWCX League Secretary