Season Updates

In order to prepare for the coming season the Cttee have been planning a few changes that should hopefully make for a better season.

The main changes are as follows:

Chip Timing.

This will be used for all rounds apart from the event at Dunster, Minehead (support team not available) and the costs for this will be covered partly by the slight Increase in entry fees as follows:

S-J-V-W On-line: £17.00 [was £16]
S-J-V-W On-Day: £21.00
U14-U16 On-line: £9.00 [was £8]
U14-U16 On-Day: £13.00
Novice On-line: £9.00 [was £8]
Novice On-Day: £13.00
U12-U10-U8 On-line: £4.00 [was £3]
U12-U10-U8 On-Day: £5.00
Day Membership: £3.00

The event organisers have agreed to cover the remaining costs associated with chip timing.

Rider Numbers.

In order to link the chip timing to the league results/standings we’ve opted to match the chip, rider and league registration numbers. This means that each rider who registers with the SWCX League will be issued with rider numbers for the season. In order to cover the costs of these numbers it will now cost the adult riders (Senior, Junior, Veterans and Women) a one off fee of £5 for the season payable when you register. We have done everything we can to keep costs down, hence the younger members of the leagues will not be charged but will benefit from the system being put in place.

League Registration.

The format for League registration will be the same as last year in that only registered competitors will be eligible for end-of-season League awards/prizes but just with the addition of the £5 charge for the adults.

Registration is now OPEN & the forms are HERE - Use of a PC to register is recommended.

All of the above should help the Cttee (well mainly Marcus!) produce accurate and timely results! As ever with any new system there may be a few issues as the system beds in, so please bear with us!


SWCX League Cttee