Just how is Cyclo-Cross Scored?

The short answer:

First we need a definition – Race Leader – this is the lead rider on the course, regardless of which category they’re racing.  Scoring is based on the:

1) Number of laps completed


2) Finish order of the last lap.

Everyone finishes on the same lap as the race leader, which causes some funny things to happen, so here’s an FAQ that might answer your questions before the lengthy explanation:


At the end of the season, league awards are presented to the various race categories. Everyone is welcome to attend and invited to bring something along with them to eat and share.

The event is free to all.


Please note. Riders are only eligible for awards if they are league registered.


End of season awards to:-

Q: What race age category should I enter?

A: See this article about Age Categories Explained.

Q: Can I enter on the day of the event?

A: Yes, See this article on How to Enter.